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Savvy business owners know how to harness the power of outsourcing, and if you're looking to grow your business, that's what you need to do, too!

We are Cosnik. your trusted and reliable partner in managing your online presence.
Our services are top-notch and competitively priced. We offer various packages of website administration, content management, and maintenance that can be custom-fitted to suits your need.

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Imagine a race car driver without a pit crew.


Maintaining your website is essential for business representation, but this can be a frustating and time consuming experience that can consume a lot of your resources.

Sit back and relax. Let us help you to reduce downtime and disruption of your website with meticulous maintenance and monitoring system. Stay focused on more important core activities such as generating revenue opportunities for your business.

Content Management

Fresh web content plays an important role on your website: It commmunicates your business to prospective customers and the one that visitors return to your site over and over again.

Be hassle-free in keeping your website up-to-date. Our team will be there for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to update your content based on your requests. This includes minor changes to existing website design component (such as banner, icons, font type-face, backgrounds).

We can also help you generate content that suitable with your needs and relevant with your industry.

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Our services.

Website Content Updating

Let us handle the repetitive but essential task of content updating for your company. We will help you to add, edit, upload and remove any text or pictures accordingly, based on your requests.

Website Content Generation

Need relevant, up-to-date content for your website? We can help you with that! Contact us today to discuss the details.

Website Design & Redesign

Our highly skilled graphic designers will work together with you to create custom, uniquely designed website that profesionally represents your business image.

Visitor Response Incl. Generic Email

We will help you maintain generic email, e.g. and forward each of incoming email to respective personnel in charge of sales, store manager, production, management, or other as required. This will help your company to respond to customers' inquiries in quick and reliable way.

Intermittent Website Monitoring & Maintenance

Downtimes and disruptions are very bad for your website and subsequently your professional image. We will help your company to monitor the website performance intermittently and perform basic tweaking to optimize your website.

Complete Biweekly Backups

Never lose important data again. We will back up your existing website in our online and local server on a biweekly basis.

Google Apps Setup

We offer fast installation of database and CMS on server, including Google Apps enabled email registration/ setup (additional charges apply for Google Apps service).

Search Engine Optimization

Your business can get tons of exposure by placing your website at the top of search engines. Our company can help increasing the visibility of your webpage with various applicable tactics employed in search engine optimization.

Social-Media Relations

Social media turned the Internet from a place of information and basic communication to one of complete, full on interaction. For companies, social media provides a way to communicate and build relationships with potential customers or fans instantly. We can help you to setup and manage your social media campaigns.

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Our Pricing Packages.

Focus your time and effort to do something else by taking our offer on efficient maintenance packages. Pick one that's best for you:

Our Pricing Packages

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About us.

PT. Synecticos Teknika Indonesia, also known as Cosnik is a startup company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We focus in the provision of all-in-one website services that includes website design & development, website content management, and maintenance.

Our small team that consists of visionaries, fun, and passionate people, are all highly experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields.

Powered by our passion, commitment, and dreams, we have been determined to dedicate every drops of our caffeine and each wrinkle on our forehead for a brand new technology, for creative ideas, and for the best-in-class solutions, and the most important thing, for you.

Our Thoughts

We values the internet as one of the mainstream media that everyone could join to search or publish various things. Many of opportunities exist to facilitate the growth of your business ranging from company recognition, even to sales growth.

Our Believes

As an internet enthusiast, we are happy to browse new kinds of information every day on a wide range of websites. It is the satisfaction of our heart to see an active and effective websites running on the net and surf with it from time to time. Because we know, someday, it would be beneficial to someone.

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